15:00 - 16:00

Registration, networking

16:00 - 16:15

Opening of the ANTIKONFA

16:15 - 16:40

How not to launch a product offer: lose 3 months and more $ 15,000

Фото спикера
Vitaliy Stecenko Owner Initium Group (Arbita, Traffka, Richadvert, Ryumka, Dr.Sheberg)

16:40 - 17:05

Not a director, but filmed a video. And other amusing stories about how to waste $200k

Фото спикера
Inna Babich Co-owner GAGARIN Partners (Pokerdom)

17:05 - 17:30

How to invest $100,000 in the OLX posting platform and then switch to free Google sheets

Фото спикера
Valentin Stanishevskyi Entrepreneur, public figure

17:30 - 18:00

Networking and ANTIKONFA show

18:00 - 18:25

First offline business experience after online success. Losing $50k, a lot of fun and showdown with Chechen gangs

Фото спикера
Anatoly Schwartz Founder / CEO WintEvents

18:25 - 18:50

Whatever happens, happens for the better or how to waste 6.5 million and come to affiliate business

Фото спикера
Andrey Goryunov Owner @MoneytronBot, first bot partner's programm

18:50 - 19:15

Unexpected points when working with key customers, s a result is loss of $20k per month

Фото спикера
Konstantin Novofastovskyi MarketCall, head of the Ukrainian office

19:15 - 19:45

Networking and ANTIKONFA show

19:45 - 20:10

How to launch a reality show in Telegram, raise hype, attract an audience and ... close before monetization

Фото спикера
Svetlana Saliy Co-owner of the telegram agency "Media Rhythm"

20:10 - 20:35

There is no limit to the frenzy of the brave. How to stop in time?

Фото спикера
Nail Immortal Vecherniy sliv, digital media #1

20:35 - 21:00

Starting from the top streamer with $30k+/month's income up to the loan at PrivatBank for buying a ticket for the conference

Фото спикера
Anonimus A top streamer that no one's ever seen

21:00 - 00:00

Networking and ANTIKONFA show


Annual meeting with frank cases about budget loss, lost sales markets, stunning fails, merged campaigns, the loss of significant amounts of money and much more.

Let's listen to presentations and make conclusions!


Experience "How not to do"

300 attendees


Webmasters, partners, sponsors

Epic show program

What you're going to see

Reports from CIS top speakers with big deal anticases
Personal behind-the-scenes communication with speakers, networking
Gifts from organizers and partners ANTIKONFA
8 hours of communication with experts in the field of online business
Maximum of useful content
"Smoke" and elite drink in the lecture hall - Free & Unlim
300 top arbitrageurs, webmasters and private business owners
The most relevant and painful topics for discussion
Epic show program

Members and Partners